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 # Comments 
1ELF 32-bit (FTP)2989   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
2ELF 32-bit (HTTP Download)3007   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
3ELF 32-bit (HTTP Upload)3237   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
4ELF 64-bit (FTP)2990   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
5ELF 64-bit (HTTP Download)3008   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
6ELF 64-bit (HTTP Upload)3238   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
7Java Class 1 (HTTP Download)9395   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
8Java Class 2 (HTTP Download)2068   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
9Java Class 3 (HTTP Download)9397   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
10Java Class 4 (HTTP Download)9398   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
11Java Class 5 (HTTP Download)10064   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
12Java Class 6 (HTTP Download)10065   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
13Java Class 7 (HTTP Download)7216   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
14Java Class 8 (HTTP Download)7217   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
15JNLP 1 (HTTP Download)10311   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
16JNLP 2 (HTTP Download)10312   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
17Microsoft AXS File (HTTP Download)9408   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
18Microsoft EXE File 1 (HTTP Download)9327   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
19Microsoft EXE File 2 (HTTP Download)9406   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
20Microsoft EXE File 3 (HTTP Download)9405   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
21Microsoft EXE File 4 (HTTP Download)9407   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
22Microsoft EXE File 5 (HTTP Download)7215   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
23Microsoft EXE File 6 (HTTP Download)10815   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
24PE/COFF 1 (FTP)2983   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
25PE/COFF 1 (HTTP Download)3001   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
26PE/COFF 1 (HTTP Upload)3231   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
27PE/COFF 1 (P2P)7244   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
28PE/COFF 2 (FTP)2986   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
29PE/COFF 2 (HTTP Download)3006   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
30PE/COFF 2 (P2P)7246   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
31PE/COFF 3 (FTP)2985   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
32PE/COFF 3 (HTTP Download)3003   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
33PE/COFF 3 (HTTP Upload)3233   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
34PE/COFF 3 (P2P)7247   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
35PE/COFF 4 (HTTP Download)3004   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
36PE/COFF 4 (HTTP Upload)3234   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
37PE/COFF 4 (P2P)7248   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
38PE/COFF 5 (P2P)7249   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
39PE/COFF 6 (P2P)7250   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry