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  App Control Status
 App Signature Database: Downloaded
 App Signature Database Timestamp: UTC 05/02/2016 16:04:04.000  
 Last Checked: 05/03/2016 10:25:35.928  
 App Signature DB Expiration Date: 12/16/2016
 Note: Enable App Control per zone from the Network > Zones page.

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 # Comments 
1HTTP Activity 1 [Reqs SID 5]690   Outgoing, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
2HTTP Activity 2 [Reqs SID 5]2808   Outgoing, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
3HTTP Activity 3 [Reqs SID 5]7441   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
4HTTP Activity 5 [Reqs SID 5]1162   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
5HTTP Activity 6 [Reqs SID 5]7434   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
6HTTP Activity 7 [Reqs SID 5]1717   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
7HTTP Activity 8 [Reqs SID 5]7350   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
8HTTP Activity 9 [Reqs SID 5]10912   Outgoing, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
9TCP Activity 1 [Reqs SID 5]1718   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
10TCP Activity 2 [Reqs SID 5]1994   Outgoing, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
11TCP Activity 3 [Reqs SID 5]7458   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
12TCP Activity 4 [Reqs SID 5]7459   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
13TCP Activity 5 [Reqs SID 5]7460   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
14TCP Activity 6 [Reqs SID 5]7461   Both, to Client, to Server    Edit this entry 
15UDP Activity 1 [Reqs SID 5]63   Both    Edit this entry 
16UDP Activity 21034   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
17UDP Activity 3 [Reqs SID 5]66   Both    Edit this entry 
18UDP Activity 4 [Reqs SID 5]7351   Both    Edit this entry 
19UDP Activity 5 [Reqs SID 5]7426   Both    Edit this entry 
20UDP Activity 6 [Reqs SID 5]3116   Both    Edit this entry