App Control Status

  App Control Status
 App Signature Database: Downloaded
 App Signature Database Timestamp: UTC 07/27/2017 16:39:05.000  
 Last Checked: 07/28/2017 09:22:13.864  
 App Signature DB Expiration Date: 12/16/2018
 Note: Enable App Control per zone from the Network > Zones page.

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 # Comments 
1DNS Activity 16876   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
2DNS Activity 211473   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
3DNS Activity 36880   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
4HTTP Activity 16878   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
5HTTP Activity 211474   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
6SSL Activity 16877   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
7TCP Connection 25230   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
8UDP Connection 15231   Outgoing    Edit this entry