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  App Control Status
 App Signature Database: Downloaded
 App Signature Database Timestamp: UTC 01/19/2017 16:32:35.000  
 Last Checked: 01/20/2017 15:19:20.592  
 App Signature DB Expiration Date: 12/16/2018
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 # Comments 
 MULTIMEDIA    Default      Edit this entry 
1501MULTIMEDIAGoogle PlayQUIC protocol8601   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1502MULTIMEDIAGougouBrowsing Activity 11817   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1503MULTIMEDIAGougouBrowsing Activity 21818   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1504MULTIMEDIAGraboid VideoHTTP Activity2593   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1505MULTIMEDIAGraboid VideoHTTPS Activity2596   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1506MULTIMEDIAGroovesharkHTTP Activity 13543   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1507MULTIMEDIAHBOHTTP Activity 110798   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1508MULTIMEDIAHBOHTTP Activity 210799   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1509MULTIMEDIAHBOHTTPS Activity 110796   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1510MULTIMEDIAHBOHTTPS Activity 210797   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1511MULTIMEDIAHuluDNS Query7785   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1512MULTIMEDIAHuluHTTP Activity 1215   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1513MULTIMEDIAHuluHTTP Activity 27786   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1514MULTIMEDIAHuluHTTP Activity 37787   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1515MULTIMEDIAHuluHTTPS Activity 16601   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1516MULTIMEDIAHuluHTTPS Activity 210130   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1517MULTIMEDIAHupoBrowsing Activity2709   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1518MULTIMEDIAIcecastPlaylist Redirection460   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1519MULTIMEDIAIcecastStreaming Content Delivery1900   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1520MULTIMEDIAIcecastStreaming Content Delivery 23906   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1521MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadio(ICY) Icecast Audio Stream 110081   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1522MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadio(ICY) Icecast Audio Stream 210087   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1523MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadio(ICY) Icecast Audio Stream 310088   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1524MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioDNS Activity 11701   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1525MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioDNS Activity 211702   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1526MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioFlash (FLV) Audio Stream10082   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1527MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioHTTP Activity10992   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1528MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioHTTP Activity 110083   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1529MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioHTTP Activity 210080   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1530MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioHTTP Activity 311700   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1531MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioHTTPS Activity 10084   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1532MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioHTTPS Activity 210085   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1533MULTIMEDIAiHeartRadioRTMP Activity 110086   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1534MULTIMEDIAiLikeBrowsing Activity 15787   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1535MULTIMEDIAInstagramDNS Query instagram.com7713   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1536MULTIMEDIAInstagramHTTP Activity 17714   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1537MULTIMEDIAInstagramHTTP Activity 27715   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1538MULTIMEDIAInstagramHTTPS Activity 17716   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
1539MULTIMEDIAiQiyiDNS Query 110137   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1540MULTIMEDIAiQiyiDNS Query 210138   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1541MULTIMEDIAiQiyiHTTP Activity 110139   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1542MULTIMEDIAiQiyiHTTP Activity 210140   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1543MULTIMEDIAITV Video PlaybackDNS Query10711   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
1544MULTIMEDIAITV Video PlaybackHTTP Activity2597   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1545MULTIMEDIAITV Video PlaybackHTTPS Activity10710   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1546MULTIMEDIAJangoHTTP Activity 13536   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1547MULTIMEDIAJuice ReceiverClient Activity2799   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1548MULTIMEDIAJumpTVBrowsing Activity2440   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1549MULTIMEDIAJumpTV LatinoBrowsing Activity2441   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
1550MULTIMEDIAJustin.tvBrowsing Activity2442   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry