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  App Control Status
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 App Signature Database Timestamp: UTC 02/21/2017 16:25:17.000  
 Last Checked: 02/21/2017 23:37:16.384  
 App Signature DB Expiration Date: 12/16/2018
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 # Comments 
101HTTP ProxyHTTP Proxy POST9685   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
102HTTP ProxyHTTPS CONNECT2897   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
103HTTP-TunnelConnection Data6920   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
104HTTP-TunnelConnection Keep Alive6917   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
105HTTP-TunnelConnection Keep Alive 26918   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
106HTTP-TunnelConnection Setup169   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
107httptunnelHTTP Proxy Wrapper6911   Both, to Server    Edit this entry 
108httptunnelTunnel Open6913   Both, to Server    Edit this entry 
109I2PHTTP Proxy Access 1 [Reqs SID 5 & 7]10817   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
110I2PHTTP Proxy Access 2 [Reqs SID 5 & 7]10820   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
111I2PHTTP Proxy Access 3 [Reqs SID 5 & 7]10821   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
112IBVPNDNS Query10163   Both    Edit this entry 
113IBVPNHTTP Admin Traffic 110161   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
114IBVPNHTTP Admin Traffic 210162   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
115IBVPNHTTPS Admin Traffic 110164   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
116IBVPNHTTPS Admin Traffic 210165   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
117IBVPNHTTPS Admin Traffic 310168   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
118Invisible Net VPNHTTPS Activity11994   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
119Invisible Net VPNUDP Activity11995   Incoming    Edit this entry 
120Ivacy VPNSSL Activity9686   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
121JAPClient Activity 1165   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
122JAPClient Activity 2166   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
123JonDo ProxyDNS Query anonmix.eu10651   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
124JonDo ProxySSL Connection6892   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
125JonDo ProxySSL Connection 210652   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
126JustProxy VPNTCP Traffic11649   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
127KProxyBrowsing Activity 11587   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
128KProxyBrowsing Activity 21588   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
129KProxySSL Traffic 11591   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
130KProxySSL Traffic 29868   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
131MegaproxySSL Traffic1597   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
132MouseMatrix.comSSL Traffic6747   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
133NewFastWorkingProxiesBrowsing Activity2820   Both, to Client    Edit this entry 
134NgrokDNS Query10501   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
135NgrokHTTPS Activity10502   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
136NinjaCloakHTTP Activity233   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
137NinjaCloakSSL Traffic234   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
138Non-SSL traffic over SSL portTraffic Anomaly Detection6   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
139NordVPNDNS Request11361   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
140NordVPNSSL Activity 111362   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
141NordVPNSSL Activity 211367   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
142NordVPNSSL Activity 311368   Incoming    Edit this entry 
143NTR ConnectHost Activity2403   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
144OpenDoorHTTP Proxy Activity [Reqs DPI-SSL CI] 10553   Outgoing, to Server    Edit this entry 
145OpenDoorHTTPS Proxy Activity 110067   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
146Opera Free VPNDNS Activity11831   Outgoing    Edit this entry 
147Opera Free VPNHTTPS Activity 111829   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
148Opera Free VPNHTTPS Activity 211832   Incoming, to Client    Edit this entry 
149Opera Free VPNOpenVPN Activity11830   Incoming    Edit this entry 
150OverPlay VPNDNS Query10715   Outgoing    Edit this entry